Christine Smyth Blog – Funerals with flair or just plain freaky?

Christine Smyth

Funerals with flair or just plain freaky?

From cooking up a storm, to sitting at a table drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, to standing in the boxing ring ready for the next bout, people are seeking new and interesting ways for final farewell.  If you are not content to be sent off lying on your back in a silk lined coffin then the below article might interest you.  It identifies an emerging trend (in the US) where at the funeral service, the deceased’s body is posed, doing a favourite task.

The cost? It  starts at around $1700, that is in addition to the usual funeral costs.  In Australia, unless specifically allocated for in the deceased’s will, care must be taken as to the costs of a funeral,  not all funeral costs are recoverable against the deceased’s estate.

I am yet to receive instructions to incorporate this type of request into a testator’s last wishes, time will tell.

As I sit here writing this blog,  I ponder,  if my loved ones sought to pose my body at my funeral, I hope it is doing something other than sitting at my office desk!