“Please sir, I want some more”

"Please sir, I want some more"

Is this a new trend?  I recently posted up a blog where certain superannuation industry experts consider $1 million is not enough for retirement.  In the contest of claims against estates for greater provision, the difficult question is what is sufficient for the claimant in all the circumstances.   In 2014 the Queensland Supreme Court played host to a large estate claim, in the matter of Estate of Bojan Darvenzia, where in 20110 the deceased left an estate worth approximately $27 million with the court awarding the applicant a record $3 million. Watching the WA Wright estate dispute unfold, many were unable to conceive of the $25 million dollar award, with many dismissing that case as an anomaly.  It seems not.  Now the NSW Supreme Court is the venue for a further big money claim in the Estate of Virginia Kahlbetzer.  According to this news report her son “Mr Kahlbetzer, 49, is the son of German-born agribusiness baron John Dieter Kahlbetzer, whose fortune was estimated by BRW last year at $790 million,” is raising a claim on his mother’s estate.


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