LawRight Launch

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

President’s address

It is my pleasure to be here today as we launch the new iteration of QPILCH – LawRight. QLS is also a founding member of QPILCH which makes our attendance here today all the more fitting.

I would like to recognise the attendance of QLS member John Sneddon of Shand Taylor Lawyers today – John represented Marcus Lee pro bono and also helped with Peter Greste’s case.

As I look around the room today, I see many lawyers who spend their days helping members of their local community.

Many of you dedicate significant time in and out of the office to help those that are often at their worst when you are involved in their lives.

We must always remember that as lawyers we represent and act for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, the down trodden and those under severe hardship.

I am a strong advocate for improving the circumstances of those members of our society.

This is why organisations such as LawRight are an integral part of our society – a pillar you may even say.

Queensland Law Society is pleased to be a partner with LawRight and to assist where we can. In particular, we are always proud to join in on the annual legal walk with the rest of our profession.

I applaud each of you at LawRight and your supporters in this room for your dedication to providing access to justice to the disadvantaged in our community.

I am pleased to note that Queensland solicitors have been doing their part in providing pro bono services to the community.

In 2015-16, Queensland solicitors undertook a total of 290,154.4 hours of pro bono work – an increase of 88.7% from the previous year’s figure.

QLS is proud to coordinate with LawRight as you support the QLS vision of advocating for good law and supporting good lawyers.