CLC funding cuts to affect our ageing population

Christine Smyth

CLC funding cuts to affect our ageing population

Recently the Queensland Government welcomed a Bill proposing changes that will provide vulnerable Queenslanders with options to tackle the burden of SPER Debts. However, president Christine Smyth, who practises in succession and elder law, wonders how our ageing homeless population will be affected if the Federal Government continue to cut funding to CLCs?

“Recent reports have identified a hidden group of people becoming homeless that are women over 55. These women may have been affected by divorce or separation, elder abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, the inability to access assistance with tenancy issues, power of attorney advice or may suffer physical disabilities.

“For many of these women, some who may not be eligible for Legal Aid, CLCs are the last resort for assistance before they become homeless.

“Homelessness Australia report that nearly 27,500 of our homeless people are over the age of 45. These people will be denied basic access to justice through the Federal Government’s actions. This is not fair, nor is it sustainable for our society. Funding cuts must be reversed to assist the vulnerable members of our society that will otherwise continue to suffer at an alarming rate.”

Read the CLCQ release on the Bill.

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