Dancing on the grave – ethical conundrum

Dancing on the grave - ethical conundrum

Grief is powerful. Often it is associated with the death of someone we loved dearly. However, from time to time there are people in our life whose death brings, at the very least, relief. Wronged by them in life, death may be the only way we can feel safe from their impact. Some people are so evil, so repulsive, their death brings such relief it can stray into celebration. The attached article argues celebrating the death of a person you perceive as horrible, as wrong. It makes some compelling points about the deceased person having been loved by someone and to celebrate their death is to compound the grief of their loved ones. On the flip side there are some people in history whose death has brought great relief to millions – Hitler being an obvious person. Often hating someone does more damage to you than the person hated. So what do you think? Is it ok to celebrate the death of someone you think was a heinous human being, regardless of its impact on those who may have loved them?