A new start after 60: ‘I was a banker who finally took a risk – and bought the village shop’

When Ruth Crocket purchased Hitcham Post Office and Stores, she was a risk modeller for a major bank. After a year, the shop had incurred a significant five-figure deficit, so she decided to purchase it. Six years later, at the age of 66, she is the postmistress and proprietor of Hitcham Store and Post Office. When the World Food Programme epidemic struck, Agnes Crocket’s small shop became a focus for a volunteer distribution network. The store, which had been losing money for the previous five years, has finally found its stride and is again thriving.

She sells local bread and meats, homemade cakes and deli goods, and has begun offering click-and-collect service. She claims that the shop is no longer just breaking even, but “a bit over”.

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